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Welcome to August! Most of us in the US & Canada are already feeling the heat, but enjoy it while it lasts; it'll cool down soon with Autumn right around the corner. The kiddos will be going back to school soon, so be safe out there! When you're not running errands or going back-to-school shopping, come hang out with us in Real Deal DCR!

We would like to take this time to welcome all of you, our new members! Without you, there is no league. With all the problems Pogo has been dishing up, from not finding tables, to chat not working intermittently, to even not finding any tables at all in non-auction rooms, it can be really frustrating. We sincerely hope Pogo gets all this figured out soon, and we appreciate each and every one of you for sticking things out with us. We'll continue to do our best to keep tours running, and when Pogo chat goes out, we ask that you add us to Trillian, which can be downloaded a few paragraphs down. We understand this is very frustrating for you, and it is for us also. One way or another, even if we have to set an auction table (if we do we just ask that you do NOT bid during tours), we'll figure out a way to make sure everyone who comes out to play is afforded every opportunity to do so.

If you know someone that's looking for a new Myleague/Pogo home, feel free to give them our web address and ask them to check us out! We play in Dice City Roller HD in City Slickers chat. To join chat, just click the little blue chat bubble on the bottom right of the page. Once chat loads, if you are not already in City Slickers chat room, click the name of the chat up at the top of the chat area, click leave chat, then scroll down towards the bottom and click on City Slickers. We play Non-Auction games, and our password (once you find our game table) is pogo100 in all lowercase letters. If you have any trouble finding us, there’s a link just above the high score area, and that link will take you to a step-by-step video tutorial on how to find and join us!

When your friend joins our league, be sure to let them know they'll need to check their email for the activation code (which sometimes can go to their spam folder). If they type your screen name in as a referral, Cases will reward you for 1,000 ladderbux!


Should you wish to help out the league with a donation, you can do so by clicking the button above, or by clicking the donate button on the top right of our league page just beneath the clocks. Alternatively, you may donate through this preferred link: donations received will be used for keeping our league a Plus league (which allows us to reward more buxs per each tour) for $50 per month. Also, if we receive enough or excess donations, we will in turn hold special contests and prizes to be determined. Keep in mind that our hosts are donating most prizes from their own money and the goodness of their hearts, so any little bit helps!

Real Deal DCR is on Facebook! You can find the Facebook image on the right-hand side of the league homepage just underneath the clocks and the donate link, and that will take you directly to our Facebook wall (you can also click the image above)! If you're not already a member of our Facebook group, we'll add you A.S.A.P. We do ask that you answer the membership question when joining because we get a lot of spam requests, so it's easier to see who you are when you answer the question.


Trillian is an instant messaging service, similar to the old Yahoo Messenger, that we use as a form of communicating with each other. We as hosts tend to use this service to talk to each other about things behind the scenes or a quick way to get each others' attention when we need. We are asking you to check this out in the event Pogo decides to keep glitching and not allow chat to work. Using Trillian, we can make a group chat with members playing in tours so that we can still communicate with each other when Pogo's chat in City Slickers (and other Pogo chatrooms) decide not to work. If you are using a Windows computer or tablet, you can download Trillian by clicking this link: If you are using another operating system, you can find which version to download on this page: To add members to your Trillian, click  on Trillian at the very top of the Trillian window (above your user name and avatar) and click Add Contact. If you decide to download Trillian, you can add our staff members to your Trillian with the Trillian IDs listed on the right-hand side of the league homepage.

We ask that you bear with (and join) us as we try new and fun tours. We like to try to set teams tours every evening, and we need as many of you that are able to make it as these tours take more players to run (4 players for 1 vs. 1 tours, 8 players for 2 vs. 2, 12 players for 3 vs. 3; etc.). If you've never joined a teams tour before, keep in mind that you will not be able to sign up using the traditional "Register" button that is normally found next to each tour. Instead, you'll have to click on the host's name on the tour you wish to join to open up the tournament page, then click Register. Once on the register page, you'll register in one of 3 ways:

  1. Sign up auto. This is how most will join if they don't already have a partner ahead of time, but still want to play. Signing up auto will pair you with another auto player once the tournament starts, and this is done randomly by Cases. To sign up auto, click the radio button next to Auto-Team Locator, then fill in your ladder name and password (the same screen name and password that you'd use to sign into the league page), click the checkbox to the left of where it says you have read the rules, then click the Register button at the bottom.
  2. Start a new team. If you ask someone to partner with you ahead of time, one of you will need to start a new team. To do this, click the radio button next to Start New Team, and fill in the team name in the field provided. This can be any team name as long as it doesn't use profanity or go against Cases rules. You will then need to choose a team password that you will provide to your partner, such as 1234. You will then provide your ladder name and individual password in the 2 fields provided, check that you read the rules, then click the Register button at the bottom.
  3. Join a team that your partner started. If you agree to team with someone and they start a team for you, you will need to join that team in order to play. To do this, click the radio button next to "Join Team," and find the name of your team in the dropdown box. You will then need to enter the team password that your partner provided, and then enter your individual ladder name and password in the 2 fields provided below. Check the box saying that you read the rules, then click the Register button at the bottom.

Please make sure you are registered correctly as the system will drop you if you're not and we'll have to move on. If you have any questions, ask the host when signing up. McCoy has also posted a video tutorial to help you register for teams:


Real Deal DCR was created with the idea of creating a fun, relaxing environment for our players to hang out, make new friends, and have a good time. We are fortunate that Pogo brought back Dice City Roller, and aside from the censor/filter, is a great way for us to chat with each other. We ask, however, that you do *NOT* discuss politics in any association. Everyone has different political views, and some are very passionate about those views. We want to be respectful, but typically these types of discussions only lead to debates or arguments, which is not want we want. We want you to come, play, and hopefully forget, if even temporarily, about all of that kind of stuff. Discussions of a political nature, up to and including events like Antifa, QAnon, the Capitol Riots, etc. should be kept outside of myleague/Pogo. We have also included this in the Rules section on the bottom right section of the league page. This is not to point anyone out, we just want to make everyone aware. We appreciate your understanding on this matter! Also, while it's not required, we hope that you'll remember to wish your opponent(s) luck each game. This shows good sportsmanship, and your opponent will appreciate the gesture.

Also, while on this subject, please do not accuse your fellow players of cheating unless you have absolute proof. This will only cause animosity and unnecessary drama. If you do have a legitimate claim, please reach out to our Admin staff and we'll look into the matter. If anyone is caught cheating, they will be immediately kicked and/or banned from the league and removed from any contests.


Sunday, August 21st – 9pm: Player Appreciation Tour. Regular swiss tour in honor of you, our members, to whom we owe a great debt of gratitude; without you, there would be no league. 40,000 buxs to the winner from the host.

Saturday, August 27th – 9pm: Tournament of Champions (TOC). This is a regular swiss tournament held only for those that won a tournament for the previous month, and you will need to check in for this tour instead of register for it (only the host can register players). 20,000 buxs to the winner.

*Please note: unless otherwise specified by the host or player gifting the prize, all prizes must be redeemed within 7 days.*


Our birthday raffle contest started June 1st and will run through October 22nd. The rules are simple: win a tournament, get a raffle ticket. Continue accruing raffle tickets for every tour you win. You must be the sole winner of a tour to get a ticket; ties (for example, in a baseball tour) will not count. The raffle tickets will then be entered into a drawing to be held on the league birthday, October 23rd. Prizes are to be determined. Good luck to everyone!


In the event that Cases and/or Pogo is having issues, you can use the tournament calendar to find, jump, and play in tours. That link is Please bookmark that to your favorites bar of your web browser in the event you should ever need it; it comes in handy! 


I cannot emphasize this enough, WE REALLY, REALLY NEED HOSTS!!! If you’ve ever thought about hosting, please feel free to put in a TD app. As of right now, we’re only hosting evenings, but we’re open to setting at any time of the day that you’re free. Never hosted before? No problem at all! We can train you and give you a hands-on experience on how to run a tournament before even setting your 1st tour. Days and times are flexible, we just need reliable hosts to help get us going!

If the host should make a mistake when verifying winners, it's important to notify the host as soon as possible. A simple "NOOOOOOOO" should suffice, but also remember that nobody is perfect, and a mistake can be made. Any mistake or error can be corrected, and rest assure we will always do our best to do so ASAP.

In the event of a tie, any tying players and/or teams will play a full game tiebreaker. We realize this may be different from other leagues, but we believe this gives both sides a fair chance to win. We ask that players report winner//non-winner at the end of each game when the result is known, or in teams, the host will ask that players post their individual scores and hold chat while scores are tabulated.


My apologies for the late birthday wishes; with all the travel I've (McCoy) been doing lately, I haven't had time to put out a newsletter since June. Happy belated July birthdays to 2nd: scottg999, 8th: jsnonthego, and 29th: HALFWOLF917! Happy upcoming August birthdays to 3rd: Mugglebugs, 18th: megamom70, and 23rd: FLUFFYMAX! Our birthday list on the right-hand side of the league page underneath the staff listing. If you would like your birthday listed, let us know! You can contact any admin as well as post on the cbox, and your birthday will be added. If you'd like a special tour, let any staff member know and we'll do our best to accommodate you and hold a tournament in your honor.

We are so thankful to have you with us, and we wish good health and happiness each and every day! We hope to see you in tours soon!

May the dice be with you!
~Coq, Marl, McCoy, and the Real Deal DCR Staff~