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Sponsored by mattman

The special starts with the December TOC starting at 8pm EST.
This tournament is only for tour winners in the month of November, where the winner will win 40,000 ladderbux
8pm TOC winner was DrPhil263!
The winner will then be invited, along with all 2021 TOC winners, to take place in a special, invite-only tour at 9pm EST, where the winner will win a $25 Amazon/Walmart e-gift card!
2021 Grand Championship winner was COQUETTE!
There will also be a 2nd D/E tour at 9pm EST for everyone else not invited in the Grand TOC invite-only tour.
The top 3 finishers from both 9pm tours (COQUETTE, Froggirl448, willsox024, TechMoM614, ALLTHATNSOME, Ladylewis11542) will be invited to jump a special 6-player D/E tour where the winner will win a $25 Amazon/Walmart e-gift card!
Tour was won by willsox024!
The winner(s) will need to email mattman their email address and/or contact info by clicking here.
Winners have already redeemed, congrats!

If a player withdraws from, is kicked from, or is purged from the league, they are removed from any/all contests as well as any of these tours.