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It is July 1st, Canada Day and Canada is 150 years old. Then we have 4th of July which is like our July 1st. Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday. We are off to the league gathering this week hope all that are coming have safe travels there. Can't wait to see everyone. There are admin that are not going and Gina = bitemebaby69 will be here to help if needed as she has the blue lifesaver.

Slow play is still an issue but we are working on it and heading in the right direction.

Welcome to all new members. If you need any help or bux please just holler out there are people always to help.

Keep in mind our August 1st contest coming for the laptop contest that will run for 6 months. Rules of this contest will be posted soon. So keep watching for this through the month of July for the rules.

Good Luck to All

Happy Summer Stay Safe Don't Drink And Drive Arrive Alive


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Dates: July 7th-9th 2017
Location: Bridgepoint Inn & Suites Northwood, Ohio
Hotel Contact: (419) 662-1200
Let them know you are with the Ton A Fun group!

This years picnic will be a little different than those in the past. On Saturday July 8th we will be having a new and improved quarter auction. Instead of quarters, we will be selling paddles for 10 dollars each. With that paddle you will have access to bid on every item. This auction style will be cheaper, run smoother and end quicker.

If possible please bring an item valued at 10 dollars or more to be auctioned off. For each item you bring, you will receive a raffle ticket. The raffle ticket could win you a great cash prize! As usual this picnic will include euchre tournaments , 50/50 raffles, and lots of great prizes!

IF anyone has a league game idea or ideas to better our league…
Just click on the Euchre Sign below.

Welcome New Members!

Please say Hello to ALL…

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July 8th- Leadfootlucy
July 10th- Ms_Perfect
July 13th- Mary_p0pp1ns
July 13th- Silkyfireangel
July 16th- Bravada
July 22nd- Rebuffedbubbles69
July 23rd- July 23rd- Blondie45404
We'd love to celebrate your Birthday!!

EMAIL Tarahkay12@yahoo.com

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Hey all… My league id is Macho_Man. My real name is Dan. Some may know me as the old as "Mr_Perfect". I have been with this league going on 4 yrs.

About the person I am… I am 43 yrs old. I live with a condition called Ankylosing Spondylitis. Basically it is the deterioration of the spine and muscle. I was diagnosed in 1995. I have the equivalent of a 70 yr old mans spine.
I was born at Kingston General Hospital on Oct 10 1973. Between then and when I was released from Hospital in 1975, I had had 27 surgeries. My bowl blew apart within 5 min of me being born. Born premature at 5.5 month. I went down to 11 ounces. I was in an incubator for the 1st 13 months.

I now live in Cardinal Ontario. Have lived in Edmonton Alberta 1987-88 then moved to Toronto in late 1988 lived there till Early 1991 then moved back to the surrounding area where I live now. I have moved 28 times in my life not planning another move any time in near future! I Live common-law with Ms_Perfect have lived together since September 2005, been together since 1994.

My Mother In-law is Momma perfect Ms_Perfect and I have a dog Named Junior since Oct. of 2005 Wanted to name him Earnheart but was talked out of it. I was a big Dale Earnheart Sr, Fan

The town we live in has approximately 2500 people. We live a quiet life.

My favorite pass time away from the computer is watching wrestling and spending time with friends and family.

I have 2 favorite players, Bob aka Tango5223 he's my brother from another mother and Gina aka bitemebaby she is a sweetheart.

My 2 favorite games are Canadian eh' and REG STD. I could play them back to back all day lol. But I might be only one playing.

My Favorite music is country and 50s to 80s rock n roll.

Please the rules, if you don't understand them ask!

Peeves me seeing staff be miss-treated. A reminder… this job is not a paid 9-5 job. We do it you out of the goodness of our hearts.

The picture below is of Ms_Perfect and me.



BY D W Rayner

Danny and his friends are growing up in a southwestern Pennsylvania steel town during the late 1950s and early 60s. It was a much simpler time; there were no cell phones, computers, or video games. People still gathered around the radio to listen to 'Superman' and 'Fiber Magee and Molly'. If they were lucky enough to have a TV, it was black and white and all kitchen appliances were white. There was no Internet. The closest thing to Amazon was the Sears Catalog, where you could order anything from a toy train to a Craftsman House.

Sputnik, Echo, and who knows what were circling the earth. The local dump provided everything kids needed to keep them occupied. There were areas in town that still had outhouses. They were poor but didn't know it. Kids could roam the neighborhood without any worries. Their parents would tell them "Come home when the streetlights come on." I'm always drawn to books that depict the 50's and 60's because that is when I grew up. It's interesting to compare my memories with those of the author. I experienced waves of nostalgia and even sadness. They say "you can't go home again", but in this book, you can.

Summertime Bliss

Summer time bliss is here again,
I can not wait for the fun to begin.
Sweet heat and salt water walking
For now, no more winter stockings.

The smell of confederate jasmine is
flowing without care and the children
are playing as laughter fills the air.

Sandcastles and buckets with shovels
lie scattered everywhere, beach towels
and blankets hold their treasures to share.

A day at the beach is all I will ever need,
It takes away winter's deed.
My flip- flops and glasses now in hand,
I can't wait to have sand on my toes again.

FAST and EASY Recipes

Fluffy Cherry Salad

1 large can Cherry Pie Filling (fat size can)

1 large can Crushed Pineapple; drained

1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 cup Pecans or Walnuts; chopped

12oz Cool Whip; thawed


Mix all together and chill until ready to serve.


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