Hi and hugs from your newsletter editor from down under,
Karen (aka CrankyB).
The weather is starting to warm up here after a very cold winter but nothing in comparison to what our USA/Canadian friends have become accustomed to. I can't comprehend having to dig in snow just to be able to open the front door!

Welcome to fall for our northern hemisphere members and spring to our southern Aussie/Kiwi folks. The change in temperatures will be a welcome relief for most.

The league picnic was a huge success with lots of fun and euchre enjoyed by all.
A big thank you to Aaron (aaron_colts6), Tracy (dunnitall) and their helpers for another great picnic.

A note from our Head Admin, Aaron.
I would like to welcome the new admins to the team and thank all the members who are still here with us supporting our league. We have a laptop competition for the month of September so please jump into as many of the tourneys as you can to increase your chance of winning. See below for more info.

Where ever you are in the world, please try and pop in to have a game or two. We do try to host 24/7 but we need you to join us in the lobby to keep the tourneys running. We are always looking for new TD's to join our staff so if you would like to submit your application, please click the following link. We have TD trainers from various time zones that will be more than happy to share their knowledge and get you up and running tourneys in no time. Click here for TD Application

We have a new contest running until 30th September with the winner receiving a laptop!!
Each member who participates in the given time spots below will earn 1 ticket. Each ticket will be put in a draw and at the end of the contest, a random winner will be drawn. The more tickets you have, the more chance you will have to win! If you are inactive for 7+ days, you will lose your tickets. You must complete the tourney without being DQ`d to be eligible for a ticket. Times: 12.30am, 3.30am, 7.30am, 9.30am, 11.30am, 1.30pm, 3.30pm, 6.30pm, 8.30pm, 10.30pm. To check your progress, please click the Laptop image on the main page under News or the link below.
Click here

Congratulations to olivia822 for hosting 286 tourneys for the month of August!
What an amazing effort and well done Oli!
Well done to iverson76ers200 for hosting 162 tourneys and Hot4unbed79 for hosting 108 tourneys for the month.

A big thank you to all the staff for their continuing support of the league:

aaron_colts6(Head Admin, HTML)
dunnitall2000 (Co Head Admin - Specials, TD Manager, Complaints)
Macho_Man (Admin - Calendar Cop, BROY)
stpeterjanet (Admin - Sub Wins, BROY)
CrankyB (Admin - Newsletter, Member's Advocate)
chelle81 (Admin - TD Trainer)
JackaRoo (Admin - TD Trainer, opening tournaments)
neg_ericg08 (Admin - Game Rules, HTML)
hot4unbed79 (Admin - TD Trainer)

Head TD's
olivia822 spadesalone_on8

lilmissattitude LonerKiller_69

Getting to know your Admins
I did a bit of snooping around over the last couple of weeks and asked each admin to answer some questions which I have shared here. We really do have a very diverse admin team from all walks of life and I hope you enjoy getting to know them.

League Name: aaron_colts6
First Name: Aaron
Occupation: Manager at pizza place
Where are you from: Chicago area
What hobbies do you enjoy: Cards, darts, tv
Top 3 movies: A Walk to Remember, Remember the Titian`s, Shelter
Top 3 bands/musicians: Breaking Benjamin, Brantley Gilbert, Lady Gaga
Memorable moments in your life: Graduating with honors in HS
Favorite League Games: SAY it first, backasswsrds
Who is your preferred partner in 2v2 and why: Marypoppins. We know how each other plays

League Name: dunnitall2000
First Name: Tracy
Occupation: Supervisor at Walmart
Where are you from: Illinois
What hobbies do you enjoy: Shooting pool, playing basketball and of course Euchre
Top 3 movies: 8 Seconds, Enough, The Wedding Planner
Top 3 bands/musicians: AC/DC, Kane Brown and Luke Bryan
Memorable moments in your life: Birth of my children
Favorite League Games: Reverse
Who is you preferred partner in 2v2 and why: dopey4life2002 because its fun to irritate him lol

League Name: Macho_Man
First Name: Dan
Occupation: disabled
Where are you from: Cardinal Ontario
What hobbies do you enjoy: watching wrestling, spending time with family, playing cards
Top 3 movies: Dirty Dancing, Grease, Grease2
Top 3 bands/musicians: guns and roses ac/dc poision
Memorable moments in your life: paying our house off in 6 years
Favorite League Games: reg
Who is you preferred partner in 2v2 and why: caroline59 she can carry my ass best

League Name: Neg_ericg08
First Name: Eric
Occupation: GM of pizzeria/sub teacher
Where are you from: Chicagoland (Hammond)
What hobbies do you enjoy: Darts, sport events cards
Top 3 movies: Prefer tv. Greys anatomy law and order and all the DC comic tv shows
Top 3 bands/musicians: Breaking Benjamin and Kenny chesney
Favorite League Games: Regular or backasswards
Who is your preferred partner in 2v2 and why: Aaron because we play so well together and know one another well

League Name: hot4unbed79
First Name: Rosa
Occupation: RN
Where are you from: Ontario Cananda
What hobbies do you enjoy: Hosting/playing euchre online
Top 3 movies: Top Gun/Willow/Fifth Element
Top 3 bands/musicians: Beatles/Ariana/Journey
Memorable moments in your life: When my daughter and son were born.
Favorite League Games: Big Bad Wolf/ Dawghouse/ Odd Couple/ Reverse
Who is your preferred partner in 2v2 and why: Iverson as we know exactly how each other plays he knows what I probably called on which most likely only be a j9 or 1 Trump ..he just knows when to lead me trump and when not to and we both aint scared to lose cause it's just a game..
you win play bux I hope one day I can buy a house with that ladderbux lmao if only right. Win or Lose as long your having fun and building friendships.
Anything else you'd like to add: yes thanks to all the ones who still come play and support my tournies I really enjoy you all. I have a special place in my heart for you all and my very own nicknames ..I really do enjoy hosting xoxo

League Name: Chelle81
First Name: Michelle
Occupation: Banquet Chef
Where are you from: Akron Ohio
What hobbies do you enjoy: Fantasy football, thrift shopping and binge watching tv.
Top 3 movies: This is hard and changes depending on my mood.. so.. today I'll go with.. boondock saints, dazed and confused and star wars return of the jedi
Top 3 bands/musicians: ugh again, so hard and changes all the time depending on my mood that day.. so today.. post malone, Alice in chains and drake
Memorable moments in your life: having my daughter, marrying my husband, losing my grandma
Favorite League Games: Switch anything, Pat your P and Hold the trump
Who is you preferred partner in 2v2 and why: seldom_lost cuz we always win, jackaroo cuz he always lets me call everything, Aaron cuz he carries me.
Anything else you'd like to add: I love this league!

League Name: stpeterjanet
First Name: Janet
Occupation: Retired Truck Driver
Where are you from: Virginia
What hobbies do you enjoy: Fishing, Crafts and Euchre
Top 3 movies: Young and Restless, Bold and Beautiful and history channel
Top 3 bands/musicians: Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, Bob Seger
Memorable moments in your life: having my kids
Favorite League Games: euchre canasta
Who is your preferred partner in 2v2 and why: Aaron

League Name: JackaRoo First Name: JACK LOL JAMES
Occupation: Futuristic Manager
Where are you from: AWSTRALIA M8
What hobbies do you enjoy: Golf.Everything else is a long 2nd
Top 3 movies: Last of the Mohicans and any movie based on truth or fact
Top 3 bands/musicians: ELVIS INXS N ACDC
Memorable moments in your life: Finding life after death
Favorite League Games: Euchre
Who is your preferred partner in 2v2 and why: I have to say Cranks, she`s the best sub in Australia lol
Anything else you'd like to add: the world is a crazy place , cherish the times u have with friends n family ,forgive your enemies , and smile

League Name: CrankyB
First Name: Karen
Occupation: Business Manager (Landscape Construction)
Where are you from: Canberra Australia
What hobbies do you enjoy: Euchre, cooking, listening to music, crocheting, dog training, travelling.
Top 3 movies: Back to the future, Terminator 2 Judgement Day, Pitch Perfect.
Top 3 bands/musicians: Aussie Rock bands, Cold Play, Heart.
Memorable moments in your life: The birth of my girls, cooking with my Danish grandmother, finally getting fast enough internet to use Netflix!!
Favorite League Games: Reverse, Backasswards
Who is your preferred partner in 2v2 and why: Definitely JackaRoo. He begs me to partner him and there's never a dull moment.
Anything else you'd like to add: I really enjoy hosting tourneys and have made some wonderful friends from all over the world. Sometimes the Aussie humour can be a little difficult to comprehend, especially when it comes across as an insult. Just know that if an Aussie calls you a name, it is a term of endearment and they really like you!

You can play in two tourneys at once (as long as you can keep up).
If you aren't confident that you can keep a steady pace, please do not join the second tourney. The final say will be up to the TD hosting the tournament. We are still working on slow play and the TD's are working hard to keep the tables moving so just a reminder, if you think someone is picking on you, they are not, we are just trying to keep the table moving for everyone to enjoy a nice, fast game.

Boo Rule: When a team boos, the non-booing team has 3 options to choose from:

1. Play out the hand
2. Skip once
3. Skip twice

There have been several changes to the specials calendar over the past few weeks, so please check on this link.
Scroll down to page 2 for September specials. Click here for specials

Please join us on Facebook. Search for Ton of Fun Euchre or follow this link:
Click here to join the Facebook page

What`s news from Cranky`s Kitchen?

Uses for wine (besides drinking it).
If you haven`t got a rolling pin, use a wine bottle!
Apply red wine to your skin for a DIY facial mask to get the anti-aging and skin-smoothing benefits you desire (or just drink more so you can't see what you look like)
Freeze left over wine in an ice cube tray to use it later for cooking even though I didn't know left over wine was a thing!!
Cook Wine Gummies. These delicious treats are for adults only. Combine wine, gelatin, and maple syrup to create a snack that pairs perfectly with more wine.

Here's one of my favourite Mexican recipes I'd like to share. You will need to allow 8 hours in a slow cooker.

Carnitas (Mexican Pulled Pork)

2kg (4.4lbs) pork shoulder or leg with fat/rind removed (dont' throw away, turn it into crackling)
Dry Rub Ingredients
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon cumin powder
1 tablespoon dried oregano
1 teaspon cracked black pepper
1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper (or more if you like a spicey punch)

Mix the rub ingredients together then rub it into the pork. Sear the pork well on all sides in a hot frying pan (or if you are in a hurry, skip this step).

Sauce Ingredients
1 onion peeled and quartered
5 cloves of garlic
Juice of 2 limes
2 oranges, peeled and quartered OR 5 ounces (150ml) of orange juice
Place sauce ingredients in a blender and moosh until smooth.

Place pork in slow cooker, top with sauce ingredients then cook on low for 8 hours. Once the pork is tender, drain most of the liquid and shred with two forks. Serve inside tacos or as a burrito bowl with all of your favourite toppings.

Useless bits of information from Down Under:

Don`t think Australia gets snow? Well it`s all relative. The area of Australia that is covered by snow in winter is larger than the area of Switzerland.
The longest fence in the world, the rabbit proof fence, is in Australia, and it runs for over 5,530 kilometres.
The box jellyfish is responsible for more deaths in Australian than snakes, sharks and salt water crocodiles.
In other news, Australia has sharks, snakes and massive salt water crocodiles.
The largest Greek population in the world beside Athens in Greece can be found in Melbourne Victoria.
Australia has three national Frisbee teams.
1 million wild camels roam the Australian deserts. They were originally brought over to help with railroad construction.
The Great Victoria Desert, just ONE of Australia`s barren areas is larger than the United Kingdom. You could lose an entire country in Australia and never know it.

We hope you enjoyed reading the newsletter. If you have any items you would like included next time, please email: