Requirements For HOSTING HTD for Nasta_Buddies

1.Please pre-set your tournaments as much in advance as possible. Pre-setting helps Admins and other TD’s see what times are available We are a team.

    We understand there will be times you cannot host. Let the Admin know if you cant host so we know

2. Lobby can sometimes get confusing at times there are certain hosting rules that we must insist you follow. These rules will be supplied to you when you become a HTD and it will be your responsibility to know them and follow them.

3. As HTD's you will sometimes be required to handle disputes and you must do this in a professional and even handed way.

4. ALL HTD's must read emails.

5. An HTD needs to help new members with any problems that arise and help people join the league. HTD's should be nice and considerate to all the members of the league.

6. Make sure you pay attention to the lobby at all times. If you have to leave your computer. Let a Admin or a HTD know you need a brb Also say BRB in lobby to the members so they will know you are not at your computer.

7. If A TD is called to a table cause someone is sitting at there table watching you need to inform that member they not allowed to watch games.

8. HTD'S should be in the lobby at least 15 minutes before their tourneys start.

9. DO NOT try and help your Hosting TD’s in the lobby with posts. If you see that staff member having problems message them ask them is there anything you can do to help them.

10. Please be considerate of the TD hosting before you and do not start asking for players in yours until theirs are running. You can always send them a message asking if you can advertise your tournaments with there tournaments(we are a team).

11. As HTD's you must be ready to step in and host tourneys of TD's who have been booted / don't show / have an emergency / need help. We only ask you to host those tourneys that have people in them when a TD doesn't show. Close and move any additional tournaments, let an admin know and send out a email to all staff the calendar needs filling(SOS Email). If you would like to fill in the slots no email to all staff is needed, however please send an email to admin to let them know the situation (give times).

12. ALL HTD's MUST know how to run Double Eliminations and Swiss tournament. You are not required to host them, but you MUST know how to host them incase you are needed to help cover one.

13. If you see a Hosting TD doing something you think is wrong please let the admnin or a trainer know. Explain the Mistake so the Hosting TD can correct it. Ask if they need help please work with the hosting TD.

14. Always remember that the players have bad days (we do too.). Don't take things personal The Next Day may be better.