Welcome to Angel of Spades League

Thank you members for your support. Without you we could not make this possible

2 for 2
Bid 2 for every Number 2 card you hold in your hand. If no 2's bid Nil
if you hold one 2, your bid will be 2
if you hold two 2's, your bid will be 4
if you hold three 2's your bid will be 6
and if you hold four 2's your bid is 8

Table options will remain the same for all Rounds.
Password for tables is:� AOS

Table Options are as follows:

Check Boxes 1, 2 and 4
500 game or 4 hands, whichever comes first
Allow all ratings
Show Cards
Check Tram
Lock table with password: AOS

Advanced Options

Left of Dealer
No misdeals
0 Min Team Bid
0 Min Blind Team Bid
Check Zero (not nil)

General Rules

First Misclick Is +200
Second Misclick Is DQ
First Boot Is 10 Minute Wait Time
Second Boot Is DQ
If in room and not going to table, 3 minute timer
First Name Called Sets The Table
Second Name Joins When Table Is Approved By The Host

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TD's, in the box below right click and select all, right click again and copy. Paste in big white box under rules when setting up tourny's

For type-it program copy and paste as you did above but place it under a new button on type-it