TD Help Links

The links below were collected by previous staff members. If you have a link you would like to see here, please contact me.

Please report any dead links.


Case's / My League Resource's   Tournament and Tourney Page HELP
This is a list of many resource pages created by members, TDs, HTDs, and Admins to make your playing and membership days easier.
  Tourney Layout - How the color you will select on your tourney page will look

Paper Tourney Instructions - When Cases is down you can run a paper Tourney

Tourney Brackets Generator - Brackets Generator for when you run a paper tourney

TDs 101 - help with creating customized tourney pages

SinfulAngel - custom tourney pages, myleague html codes, much more

TD Helpers - TDs get the help you need to make cool tourney pages

TDs Helping TDs - a group of TDs sharing their knowledge

TD Help Center - TD help Center for all TDs and HTDs

TD Training Site - The official TD training Site for case's / my leagues

Step by Step - Instructions for the td Training site. Great tool and easy step by step instructions for learning how to run tournaments

Head Admins Guide - the do's and don'ts

HTD Guide - the do's and don'ts

TD Guide - the do's and don'ts

TOU - Terms of Use - the TOU for My Leagues (The legal stuff)

Cases Forums - A list of Forums for users. Gold / Plat / Diamond Support Forums

Admins Helping Admins - html codes, java scripts and more

Abes Page - images and web page help

Admins 101 - html codes, java scripts and more

Codezwiz - more html, java scripts and other codes

Admin for Dummies - has everything for leagues here

Help 4 Admins - html, images, and help with myleague plus pages

Tazer's Page

Kimmy's Backdoors - need a backdoor for your lobby?

Susies PSP Tubes - Great site for those of you that make your own graphics

Nancys PSP Tubes - Another great site for those of you that make your own graphics

Nikes Page - Nike has all kinds of stuff including songs for your pages

Wicked Sassy - provides links to learn html and java so you can do your own pages

Wicked 8 Ball - more TD training, step by step instructions

CWWP Admin Services - Another help site with html codes, Sigs and more - music files, myleague help

Stef's Corner - personalized Sigs, html help, tourney page templates

Lambeaubear - Sigs and html codes

Mystical Angels - tourney page templates

Rescue's TD helpsite - a variety of stuff

Meemadesigns - Customized league pages and more

Urradio - live internet radio, make dedications to your friends and more


HTML Help - Basic to advance HTML help

Abe's Pages - This is a wonderful Help site for TDs, HTDs and Admins alike. Building tourney pages, backgrounds and basic HTML work

Spider Paws - Specializing in Images and Web Design. Also has Case's ladder help for TDs and Admins

April's A1 Javascript(tm) Resources - Java scripts for all

DynamicDrive.Com -  a comprehensive DHTML site featuring DHTML scripts, tutorials, and more

  Images and Backgrounds for pages
  Hellas multimedia - Get free backgrounds, animated images, bullets, buttons, sets, borders, cool lines. Download all for free to design your web pages or just for your collection. Free stuff for holidays.

Halloween Clip Art - A clip art collection for Halloween.

Kate.Net - Great site for images and for all holidays

Grallon's Fantasy Art Collection - Great collection of fantasy art, images, backgrounds and advice on HTML

HTML Color Chart - A color chart for all html colors

Lady's Christmas Page - a fellow TD's guide to xmas images

Abe's Pages - This is a wonderful Help site for TDs, HTDs and Admins alike. Building tourney pages, backgrounds and basic HTML work.

Spider Paws - Specializing in Images and Web Design. Also has Case's ladder help for TDs and Admins

Mystical Angels Sigs - new great site with great tourney themes. Free to use by all TDs

  Music Sites

MIDI Database - Midi database for tons of background music

FREE MIDI Library - Another library of free music for backgrounds

MIDI Files - Background music for tourney pages

Web Hosting   Useful Downloads
The following sites are all FREE! Each site gives you 50 megs of storage space and unlimited bandwidth.
However, all sites do have ads on their pages.
  Downloads and Cool Links - links for programs, spammers, web hosting, etc.

ShortKeys LITE - Spamming tool - Because newer versions aren't always better, here are some older versions of your favorite programs

Microsoft lost a law suit and had to stop bundling their Virtual machine with Windows, and since Sun Java became the norm. Well if you are like me and hate sun java opening as many times as you have windows, here is a way to get MSjava 86 and get rid of Sun Java.
First go to your control panel and uninstall Sun Java, then go to this site MSjavx86 and you will be able to run and install Microsoft's virtual machine. This fixes most problems relating to Yahoo's game rooms (including no more small windows options).  
How NOT to run fraudulent tourneys by Tazer54


Here are some tips and hints for Admins.

- Want to see how many games a player played in a month? Go to admin screen, search logs, and enter *.player's name.

- Trying to find a new players Activation code? Again go to admin screen, edit user, enter new player's name, and hit enter. Under high Score there will be a 1 - 3 digit number, that is their activation code.

- Need a players list? Go to find player or edit user and type in _ and hit enter. A complete list will appear.

- Added something to main page and it doesn't appear on main page? Go to admin screen, go to Edit Right Table, and click save. Presto, main page now updated.

- Don't want to allow users to use the "Formal Challenge" feature? Go to rule set editor, look for "Highest rank that is allowed to utilize formal challenge system" and enter 0 (zero). This way no one is allowed to make a formal challenge.

- Want to keep a player(s) active on ladder, but don't want to "fudge" matches? click on edit user, enter players name, go to "last game played" box and erase (delete) the number code and hit save. This now makes that player active again for the next 21 days with out anything showing on dailies, this only shows on league and admin logs.