Kia Ora / Hi All

Veterans Day
A day we especially give thanks to those that have returned home with everlasting memorys of their time serving our countries and those that have fallen
and we pray for the good lord to keep watch on those that are away from their families and still serve our countrys

We thank you all


A lot of you will notice we have me (misty) has returned to Heading Our League due to Deals work commitments and hours of work
I have been away for a year and actually only intended coming back as a host, well it didn't work that way but Im also proud of the fact
The admins we have on board are originals of this league and have walked alongside of me as a head admin 9 years in the good times and sad times and bad times and for many years of exisitence of Tempeststarz Euchre League

This team knows all about commitment and and are experienced in their field they hold on our league and I can proudly say...they are all crossed trained incase a admin falls sick...this team is able to step in an take over their admin friends place

We treat our members and each other as family and always have in our 10 years
Theres other admins that have passed on in our 10 years existence and we miss them so much but they always hold a special place in this teams hearts and with some of our long time members
There are some that have come and go but most have stayed on as members and we cherish the memories of them also

Below is the years this team has been around our league and don't worry I don't always get my own way
they are NOT afraid to speak up hahaha
Below is their service to our league and our league alone, they have always remained dedicated to Tempeststarz members

Mamsue ..... a admin over 8 years
Dad .............a admin 9 years
Pups........... a admin ver 6 years
Bill ............. a admin Over 6 years
Deals ..........a admin page editor over 8 years
Sandy..........a admin over 4 years
Cpf...............a admin Over 6 years
Bratty............a admin over 6 years
Angel............a returning HTD known to us for over 3 years
Its angels first time as a admin and we are looking forward to her joining us a TD Trainer, she has passion and determination and will fit in well with our team


TIMER RULES ON OUR LEAGUE I know a lot of you will notice hosts are sticking to the timer rules:
Games per round are given 20 mins total
5 minute warning is given at table by host who will remain at table and on the last 30 seconds a last deal is called
If a host has 2 or 3 tables she will call a staff member to call 5 minute warning
This is supporting each other as a host cannot be everywhere when 3 tables are playing

Players who do not respond to calls to be seated at table........3 calls only then host will sit an sub or have a member in lobby play as a sub
When host or sub is seated and still no show of the missing member........if showing in lobby 3 minute timer then disqualification applys
If not in the room a 5 minute timer applys then disqualification
If your having a problem please message the host so we know we can let other members know the problem otherwise Time will apply

These timers are returned due to ****slow play**** or people being on messenger chatting instead of playing lol
Our hosts only have an hour to run thier tours and REG STD can be a slow playing game

LOBBY CHATS Some have been offended by the bro/sis/ calling in our lobby to the point some members wonder how to join the CLIQUE group
We are a family league and as you can see over the years service to our league... members an even staff have been around each other many years and of course a family bond builds where you gain a nick name
DadMayor has always given us special names only he calls us, and theres nothing offensive about them, BUT........when a host calls members to play or is hosting.......they are advised to use MEMBERS NAMES ONLY..out of respect to new members and other members who may not know who bro /sis/princess/babe is etc.
the word HUN is used a lot respectfully...and this is in coversation in lobby but for me as head long as members names are used when Hosting ...and no swearing or abuse is in lobby ...I cannot complain
and we ask members if you dont like the bro /sis/or any names then tell the person concerned, its not up to our staff to ask for this to stop


With that..........have a great weekend all and enjoyable family time on Veterans day.....there will be no tours till 7pm this day to give us all time with our families at home ..then please join us at 7pm for Veteran Days tours and a long time admins Birthday tour CPFSLAVES... 8pm with misty...10000 bux