1. If you find any player in a tournament room to be hostile, POGO suggests that you use the mute button and/or report the abusive behavior.

2. We will not permit any form of harassment toward any member or staff at any time. This includes discrimination based on sex, religion, handicap, sexual orientation, race, and anything considered to be discriminatory. Everyone will be treated with consideration and respect.

3. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated, including purposefully reporting results incorrectly or use of automated programs. Any player found using an auto program and/or cheating in any way will be immediately removed myleague.com/pogobums,

4. Fighting, bad talk, cheating accusations, or drama in main chat will not be tolerated and can result in suspension, or removal from the league. The TD will listen to your concerns and bring them to the attention of the Admins to investigate. It is very difficult to solve a problem in main chat with other players involvement and could easily escalate the situation.

5. Pogo refreshes the Whos Here token counts at various intervals and, therefore, it does not always reflect the true amount of tokens at any given time. That is why in some games you are instructed where to obtain your token count to report. Your own token count will update, but other players may take longer to update. www.myleague.com/pogobums is based on honesty and places this trust on all members to report their token counts accurately.

6. There may be times when errors can be made, we are only human after all. We will do everything within our power to correct any mistakes.

7. Our TDs volunteer their time. A thank you is a great way to pay your TD for their time and effort.