Thank you for your interest in hosting on Nutz4Gin.

We have an awesome and helpful team on our staff

We can always use more good help to keep our league as dynamic as possible

We are happy that you are considering being a part of it.

You do not need previous hosting experience to apply and host on Nutz4Gin.

We offer full and complete training.

Although it is helpful for donating ladderbux to players, you do not need to be a premium member, as we welcome and accept free members on our staff.

However, you are expected to abide

by our league rules and policies while hosting at all times.

We also prefer that you are an active member in the league at least 30 days before hosting.

What is required as a Nutz4Gin host?

We ask that you host a minimum of four tours a week.

You can always host more if you want to.

We do expect for you to keep within the rules

stated in the Nutz4Gin Hosting Guide

Our tour hours are 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm Daily

And 5:00 pm to 11:00 pm Daily

Sunday our tour times are: 12:00 pm to 11:00 pm on the hour

We can possibly offer you tour spaces within any of those times.

If you are serious about wanting to give hosting a try

and are ready to commit to the four tours a week

please complete the Tournament Director application using the link below.

Please be as specific as possible about which times and days

would suit you the best and put that on your application.

The information is needed to best determine

when your availability fits into our schedule.

If you have some questions or concerns

before you complete the application,

or if you are currently hosting elsewhere,

please contact me at

Thank you


SellnerBlkSheep HA