JANUARY 16, 2023

Celebrating 14 Years of Excellence

OVER THE YEARS good times and sad times:

Nutz4Gin has just achieved 14 wonderful years of fantastic tours and entertainment. This league has the most variety of games and styles possible, including: multiple types of word games and contests. We even held two live tours. The live tours were so much fun and filled with good company, sightseeing trips, and playing real cards together. I had fun just picking out all the things that went into each attendee's gift bags, door prizes and souvenirs. I had the greatest time in Atlanta and Niagara Falls meeting some of you and doing all we did in the few short days we spent together. I will never forget any of you.

I created the league on January 9th of 2009 but we did not have enough players for our first tour until January 16th. Back then, hosts could not play in their own tours. But we grew and grew big. Within a few months we averaged 16 people in every tour. Sometimes we had as few as 8. Just check out my profile on the homepage to see all the stars and bars I heave for winning what cases ladders calls big events. Any tour with 16 or more. My total adds up to 85 stars. The stars, bars, ribbons and awards only show up for premium members. Now we only have two premium and one gold member. We also struggle to have four people register so we can play a tour. But, let's give a big shout out to Cases Ladder for supplying us with the software that calculates our statistics, standings, bux payouts, and the servers free of charge to the league owners. They make all of this possible. And I want to thank the premium members we still have for supporting Cases Ladder with some funding.
I also want to express my appreciation for the members who donated to our prize fund. That really took some of the monetary pressure off me. Our biggest and longest contributor is sueloupratt. Honorable mentions to gottalve00 and swtsnwleprd. Your kindness was always appreciated.

Unfortunately, we lost some great members. Some were with us a long time and some were not. But we miss the joy, companionship, kindness and competition they gave us while they were here. We will never forget any of you. Always in our hearts: cpsp3, dquixot3, sylvcll, homewrecker1953, bingomary, MajorErb, our beloved staff member bailidog1, highlander guy, our beloved staff member mistymood351, gc4kiddycat and mikecook43. Although their passing left big holes in our league that can never be filled again, it was a pleasure to know them. May they always rest in peace.

There are also many members still missing. When pogo suddenly and without warning took away Jungle Gin earlier than they had posted, we lost touch with many of our members. We temporarily played at Safe Harbor games. The format there did not allow for aces to be high/low and the game style just wasn't up to par with what we had been used to. Unfortunately, many of our members did not move to Safe Harbor with us. They dropped pogo memberships too.

Recently I saw where some of them joined back up in Club Pogo and cannot seem to contact them through the new email messaging system. Some have not rejoined. And sadly, some are missing due to health-related issues. However, if you see any of them shout out to them that Nutz4Gin says hello and we wish them well. Ask them to come see us they are missed: swtsnwleprd, floriano53, swampbyu, Gagal772, pflead, ritalacsamana, mspatplayer, haroldplayer, posiesel, apezza, slktaz, minerswife, peachers, rm429, badstwin and onebigflag.  If I have left out a name and you happen to read or hear about this newsletter, come by and correct me.  We would love to see you.

This could be the last year for Nutz4Gin. I am really not looking forward to the grueling job of hosting most of the tours with limited but very appreciated help from hungrygamer. I have done this practically solo for the last 4 years or more now. I still love this league I created and still have a passion to see it succeed and take off again. I would like nothing more than to see our membership grow. But setting tours only to move most of them is not the way it should be at the 14th year. I am also not going to continue the hard work of maintaining and creating contests for the same reasons. We need members and hosts. They seem to be in short supply. So, while this may be the last year, I hope we can keep going strong together for as long as we can.  Best of luck always.

Please join me in a general prayer for all the Nutz who are facing a serious illness, setback, or other loss or to just stay safe in these violent and disturbing times. And especially join me in sending prayers to herne59 for the loss of her sister on Christmas Day. And prayers to porkylulu, and Hattrickbad. We pray for your improved health and hope you will be able to rejoin us soon. We miss you and wish you well. And to our California members who are going through some wild and wicked weather, sueloupratt and gottalve00, stay safe.

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS: We are happy to have you with us. All you need to do now is come and play. If you need help, let me know.

Thank you all for being a valued member of our Nutz4Gin family

Good Luck and Have Fun in our Games

Sell & gamer