LPG2 General Tournament Rules

The staff of LPG2 want to make sure that our members have a fun place to come and relax and enjoy some gin. We would appreciate it if you follow a few simple rules. If you have any questions, please ask the host.

Good sportsmanship is strongly encouraged. Greeting your opponent and saying good luck (gl) starts the game off in good way. Saying nice hand (nh) or good game (gg) also means a lot to our players. Always try to thank the host (ty4h); they volunteer their time and it is appreciated when a member recognizes them. Being polite is important to do whether you win or lose. Sometimes SHG helps a player and he/she gets a great winning hand. That person did not do anything to create that so please don't point it out. We all know it happens and feel bad when it does.

Joking around in the lobby or at the table is also fine ... just remember that sometimes people don't know you are joking so it is good to keep the jokes fun and not personal. If you are joking with someone, please make sure they are ok with it. Some players are not comfortable talking much in the lobby.

We try to start our tours on time. For this to happen we ask that players be in the lobby at least 5 minutes before tourney time. This way you can read the rules when the host runs them and you will not be making others wait for you. If you are not in the lobby or do not join a table timely, the host will start a timer.

No one likes timers, but they do keep the games running on time. Hosts will set the timers if a player is missing, has not set a table, or does not join a table timely.

For games over 50 points:
- First timer in a tourney -- 5 min
- Second timer in a tourney -- 3 min
- Third timer in a tourney is a forfeit

For games to 50 or less (ie, 2 Gins, Move Like Jagger, Fast Hand, etc) or if the player is playing at a table with someone who is not in the tourney:
- First timer in a tourney -- 3 min
- Second timer is a forfeit

If the timer is for the setter, it ends when they successfully set the table.
If the timer is for the joiner, it ends when the first card is played.

A lot of our games have a twist. Please read the rules either in the lobby or on the tour page before the game starts. To see the rules on the tour page, you can click on the host's name on either the home page where you register or on the tournament tab where all tours are listed. This opens the tourney page and the rules for the game and a picture of how the table should be set is displayed. Many players find it helpful to have the tour page up while playing so they can refer to it if needed.

The first name called in the pairs is the table setter.  In order to set a gin table here at SHG, you must sit in the top chair.  Please refer to the tourney page so you will see the correct settings for the game you're playing.  If you have any questions, please ask the hosting TD.

When you join a table, it is your responsibility to make sure the table is set correctly. If a game is in progress with a score, the table cannot be reset unless the game cannot be played as set. Please check with the host if you notice the game is not set correctly after a score. Examples of when a game can be reset include if the table is set as no knock but it requires players to knock like Twist of Fate.

If your opponent takes too long to make a play, then you will get a popup asking if you want to take the win. Please click NO. This will extend the table timer for your opponent.  If you accidentally click YES, then your game will abruptly end naming you as the winner.  You will then have to start over.

For games over 50 points:
- 3 extends are allowed
- 4th extend ends the game

For games to 50 or less (ie, 2 Gins, Move Like Jagger, Fast Hand, etc):
- 2 extends are allowed
- 3rd extend ends the game

If a hand ends because you run out of cards and no one can score, then that hand will end as a cancelled hand and you have to replay it. Please report any cancelled hands in the lobby and the number for the cancelled hand.

For games over 50 points:
- 3 cancelled hands are allowed
- 4th cancelled hand ends the game

For games to 50 or less (ie, 2 Gins, Move Like Jagger, Fast Hand, etc):
- 2 cancelled hands are allowed
- 3rd cancelled hand ends the game

If the game ends due to cancelled hands, the player with the highest score wins.
If there is a tie, the player that is the highest seed wins.
Seeds are listed on the tourney page.                                                      

At the end of the game, we ask that both players stay at the table until the final score posts
and you see the pop-up message that states the winner.  The hosts are watching for a final score post from SHG (Neptune) that only the hosts can see.  You are welcome to post the win/loss in the lobby, but we are no longer asking both opponents to do this or waiting on two posts.

In the case of an auto-win, an auto-loss, or a DQ, please post the win/loss in the lobby. The hosts are checking the scores for verification.

Please do NOT click on "Resign." The only time you should click on "Resign" is if an emergency comes up and you can no longer finish the match.

There could be times when you experience a glitch while playing a game. If this happens, please stop playing and call the host to the table. Next you will make a debug report to SHG to help the programmers. Here's how you do that:
- Hold down the "Ctrl" key and D at the same time.
- A message will show asking you to describe what happened.
- Give a brief description of the incident.
- Now click "Send Debug Information to SafeHarborGames."

We ask that players only register for tourneys they can play in and intend to play. This is a rule that Case's/MyLeague has for all leagues. You can only play in one tournament at a time (no double jumping) -- this includes our lobby as well as other leagues and lobbies. If you are found to be playing in more than one tournament or lobby at the same time as you are playing in a tournament in our lobby, you will be disqualified from our tournament.

If you and your opponent do not agree on the outcome of the match, please stay at the table and call the host to the table. The host will try to understand and ask questions to see if there is a misunderstanding. The host is not taking sides when he/she asks questions; they just trying to understand. If the two players with the help of the host cannot agree on the outcome, then the two players will replay the match. Depending on the circumstances, the host may stay to watch the rematch.

If a host must decide on a game, they do their best to be fair and to apply the rules. Their decisions are final and should not be criticized in the lobby. If you would like to inquire about the decision, you can ask the host to a table, contact the host via Trillian, email or the host, or email an admin.

Have fun and good luck!

Updated 07.28.2023