Welcome to Euchre Rebels

Member Etiquette

We carry a no tolerance for disrespect towards our staff or members. No foul language or the use
the “F” word will be tolerated at the tables or in the lobby. No bashing. We do not accuse members
of cheating in any form at the tables or in the lobby.

First Offence comes with a warning and will be noted.
Second Offence will be a boxing for 1 day
Third Offence will be a boxing of 3 days

Continuous behavior you will be subjected to being banned from the League
Please refrain from discussing Religion or Politics in the lobby.

Please refrain from rude or poor sportsmanlike comments during the game.

1st offense = warning
2nd = 5-minute gag
3rd = 1 hour gag

Continuous behavior you will be subjected to being banned from the League


Reserve your public chat to topics fit for a family-friendly site.
The following topics should be avoided in any public chat,
because either they may promote illegal ventures,
or inappropriate for public consumption.
Illegal ventures - gambling, drug use, etc.
Strong political posturing. Strong religious posturing. Strong adult language or innuendos.
Personal attacks. False rumors meant to discredit or harm the reputation of
another person or site. Any other topics that
follow the theme listed above. Safe Harbor Games staff reserves
the right to determine whether a warning, gag
or boot is appropriate
for an individual incident. Do not make names that would
be considered slurs, adult in nature, harassing, political or religious.


We allow our members to play in 2 tournaments at a time within the league.

Rebels Ruling

Members are NOT permitted to play in two league tournaments at the same
time in two leagues at once. This will be an automatic disqualification.


Cheating of any kind is not permitted or will be tolerated.
First offence – 3-day boxing
Second offence – Banned from the league

Accusations of any kind toward a member will not be
tolerated and handled by the Admin Staff.

Good Sportsmanship

We ask that members use good sportsmanship when playing a league game.
Good Luck, Good Hand, Good Game are appreciated when said.

Table Watchers

We do permit others to watch games being played as long as they are not
interfering with the progress of the game, if so, they will be asked to leave.

League ID’s

We only permit each member of the league to have one ID.
If we find duplicate accounts you will be notified by email asking
which you would like to keep, if do not hear from you in a
timely manner the account used the least will be removed from the league.

Same Household Members

If you are a member of the same household where you play you,
please notify an Admin staff member so we are aware.
Members of the same household are NOT permitted to
play as a team in a 2 vs 2 nor can you sub for each other,
if you are paired together in a 1 vs 1 by cases, we will switch players
at that time.

If you have any questions regarding these rules please speak to any admin.

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