League Rules


1. Let’s have a great time here filled with laughter and lots of fun !


2. Only ONE Account is allowed in League. Double-Accounts will be removed. Also League-Id and Gamedesire-Id must match.


3. Please show respect to every member and visitor in lobby. We are all adults and we should all know how to talk to each other. Treat everybody like you would like to be treated. Please say GL at the beginning of the game and VGG at the end of the game.


4. Table settings: 20min / No Limit /Rated/7min SafeGame


5. Timer: Regular Games 5 Min Finals 7 Min


6. If you have any issues with Game rules or members, please contact a TD/HTD or Admin and if needed make a screenshot so we can see what happened. We don’t want to have any DRAMA in Lobby…..IT’S ONLY A GAME and nobody loses life or money. We will give one warning and if drama still you will be boxed one time. If more drama continues, you will be kicked and banned.


7. Hanging 8: Double If a ball is hanging in a pocket that is NOT either player's designated pocket, and it is impossible to move, then the game will revert to SINGLE BANK THE 8/Q. If it is stuck in your designated pocket, you play as normal, BUT your opponent MUST bank. Call the hosting TD for verification, if needed. If you disagree with the TD decision, please contact an ADMIN.


8. All games are Nbih except “Anything goes”. We do not allow snookering or tapping.


9. Aimers are not allowed. Aimer accusations not to be discussed in lobby. Talk to an Admin about it.


10. Re-racks are allowed but please not at the end of the game and not too often. Let tourneys roll and do not let other members wait until you are ready with your best of 99 J. Sinking 8 at break is Auto-re-rack.