Are you interested in joining up to represent our lg?

CLICK HERE to Register

Put AOF_ before your normal league ID. Example: AOF_AussieAngel
Theres no need to make a new SHG as you will play with your normal league name that you use when you play in AOF.
(No need to add your platinum/diamond membership if you have one, as entry fees are free!)

If you win a BOL tour, you will receive a #1 icon next to your name!
This will be seen next to your ID in rooms (and lasts for a month)
(If you have a SHG membership already,
you will need to provide a different SHG ID if you would like the icon displayed)

Knocknockavon is our League Representative.
There is a limit of 6 players (and a sub) from each league allowed to participate each month.
Because of this, I will be selecting which 6 represent AOF for each tour.
More than 6 from AOF have already joined (fantastic support ty everyone!),
so I will alternate players as best I can to give everyone a chance to play.
(Must be active in AOF)
The tour is always a Single Elimination, but the games do vary from month to month.

Please remember that representing our wonderful league is a reflection on the rest of us, so always be respectful. Even though this is a competitive event, we hope that you have a lot of fun!
Any questions, please contact Me (AussieAngel)