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~*~*~Straight to KeyLime Pie!~*~*~

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Each morning, join Sierra's Coffee Club for tours at 9:00 and 9:30am in Key Lime Pie. Everyone who joins the Club will be part of the "Play 5 get the 6th one FREE". That's right, as a member of the Coffee Club, you will get every 6th Coffee Club tour free. As a further incentive to join and play each morning, in the last week of each month Sierra will run a 10K INVITES ONLY tour during coffee club hours for the 8 players who played in the coffee club the most frequently that month.

Team Tours

is hosting Team tourneys @ 8pm

MysteryJoe....aka HOST_FOXTROT
is hosting Friday night Teams, NO 5s with a 10K Donation!

meaning if you get the score 69 during any tour
during these times it's an auto win.

Weekly Specials
CheersTango and MysteryJoe
will alternate hosting a 10K tourney each week @ 8pm!!
hosts Swiss with 10K each week @ 10pm!!
IMKILROYTOO's has a 10k each week @ 10pm!!
Up All Night
Crazy 11's Every night @ 11pm. Game is 250 chk chk ~ 11, 111 & 211 is Auto-Win!!

June 3rd New Players Tour @ 8pm Hosted by Kafe
**FINALS** 10K donation
June 13th Married vs Single @ 8pm
Married = Kafe/Singles = Tango... FINALS @10pm

The RUMBLE is June 19th @ 8pm 10K Donation Hosted by Tango
Every Friday @ 10pm 4 the Month of May COCOIAM & VIALETL are hosting THE BOLD VS BEAUTIFUL with a 5K donation EACH.

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Cheers Dominoes

Use the above links to apply to host, submit your birthday requests,
or get into the room to play!!!