I am currently the HA for
I enjoy hosting tourneys for our members
as well as playing to support other leagues.
We host tourneys for Canasta, Lottso,
Dice City Rollers,Bowling and Super Dominoes.
All our tours are hosted and played in Pogo.
If you would like to play these games and make some
new friends.We would welcome you to come and join us
You can go to our leagues main page for information.
It will show when the tours are hosted each day.
Click below for our leagues info

I also enjoy makings tour pages for the hosts to use.
I am currently working on getting the sigsations site
up and running. I will have many different categorize
to chose from. the Sigsations link will be added here soon

So be sure to check back.I will also note on the
leagues main when the site is again open.
Be sure to check it out for pages added.

I also enjoy making different hand crafts.
I make many different styles of candles and
melt and pour Beauty bath soaps.
I will soon be selling my hand crafted items on line
. If your interested and would like to see some pictures
of my work, or would have any questions send me an email
I'll be glad to email you back