Welcome to Feather's Place,


Here is a little about me and my family. My hubby Jon and I met when we were in high school, going to rival schools. We married right out of school in April of 74. We have been married now for 35  years.

Most of the time I spent home with the kids only working occasionally. Jon picked up coaching, and umpiring as the boys grew up, so a lot of our time was spent at one ball park or another.

Our 2 sons are now grown with families of their own. Jon Jon 34 and Joey 32. They have given us 7 , yes I said 7 totally awesome grand children. Jordan, Randy,Miss Elizabeth, Lillianna, Malia, Joey Jr. & Joshua. We all get together as often as possible, with all the guys working.

In 1997 we were transferred from Sacramento, California, to our new home in Las Vegas, Nevada. Leaving our family behind to start a new life.

Since moving here to Vegas, our lives have really changed. Living in "Sin City" you can gamble, drink, and party 24/7! Which can be both dangerous and an expensive way to spend your time. So we both got computers, hooked up a network, and spend time together in our own little world. Jon still umpires , and I still stay at home.

We found Yahoo Pool, and become addicted! So addicted in fact I now have my own league, Feather's Place We are both playing in Feather's Place , in Marigold under, social.

In June of 2003 I almost lost Jon to COPD and all that goes with it.  Now neither of us smoke, we still don't drink.  Jon pulls an oxygen tank with him where ever he goes, even to work.  Life is short so we live it day by day. Enjoying each other and Life to its Fullest! Needless to say Jon has quit umpiring which was his joy.

If you get a chance come on by and pay us a visit. We would love to see each and everyone there. There is always a pool table open to shoot a couple games , a tourney running, and a lot of really nice members to get to know. Hope to see you soon. We play in the Marigold, under social. Our league website is:


Direct Room Link


Come on by shoot a lil , chat a lil, enjoy your stay we hope you make this your new home.

Bossy.Feather & Fp_Sir_Fp

Berenda & Jon