We are a friendly and fun league and want to remain this way so NO DRAMA allowed. We ask that you Respect everyone in our league and yourself by Being courteous to your hosting TD and other players Not talking about other leagues while in our lobby or at our tables.


Do not share your personal info with others ie: sharing your password. This is against Cases Leagues. Showing good sportsmanship whilst playing and when your game is complete by typing a very simple gga tyft etc.


Any Admin HTD or TD has the right to remove a disruptive player from the lobby using their Gaming Safari tools, this is a drastic measure and will only take place if it is totally necessary, for instance if a member uses profanity or is disrespectful in anyway to anyone in our League. Blatant drama will not not be tolerated in Impact Euchre at anytime.

A warning is not compulsory it is Admin discretion to issue a warning or not depending on circumstances and severity. Members may be boxed without warning, depending on the severity of the infraction. If you have a problem with someone, PLEASE TAKE IT PRIVATE. Creating a scene in the lobby is NOT ACCEPTABLE, if you have a problem please message an Admin, HTD, or TD and we will discuss this issue with you. If you are asked to drop it from the lobby and continue you will be boxed for 3 days minimum. Our Admin Team will tolerate a substancial amount of things but Disrespect and Drama is not one of these things.


While IM's can be private, they are not always. Some members can and will send Log Chats to Admins. When this happens, this means that your private conversation is no longer private. Understand that when you are in IM's you are still expected to be respectful.


KEEP IT CLEAN IN THE LOBBY SCENE - We expect our members to refrain from using curse words and explicit sexual talk in the lobby and at league tables. If there is a complaint, we will ask you to please be more careful. We understand most of the members are adults but not everyone appreciates this kind of talk in the lobby. So just please be cautious about this kind of chat and courteous to others about this.


ONE ID PER PERSON - Each league member is only allowed to have one ID in the league. If we find duplicate accounts, we will remove the ID that is used the least without warning. Your League ID and your game safari ID must be the same.


SLOW PLAY - Slow play is taking 45 seconds to play during your turn. During your game, if you feel that your opponent is playing too slow, please alert the hosting TD via private message. PLEASE do not post about slow play in the lobby as it is rude to do so, and additionally the hosting TD may not be able to see it if the lobby is busy. If the hosting TD is the one slow playing, please contact another staff member that is present in the lobby.

Once a TD has come to the table, the TD will then watch and time the player we have been alerted is slow playing. If the player is taking longer than 45 seconds, the player will receive a slow play warning and the TD will ask the member to speed up.If the said player still plays slow then they will be asked to stand will be disqualified from the tournament.


During a doubles tournament, if a player is disqualified due to slow play, the hosting TD will ask the player to leave and find a sub from the lobby to finish out the game. At all times, be polite to other players and the TD’s. If you have an issue, always contact the TD first on messenger privately. If you do not get the issue resolved, again, privately contact any member of our Admin Team


You may play 2 tournaments at a time whilst our League grows but please keep in mind that once we grow and have more members in a tournament then all of our members will be given sufficient notice that this rule will change.


CAPS are to be used solely by the Tournament Director (TD).


Any questions you have at anytime message an admin...

Good luck in your games and see you at the tables!