A hero isn't someone with great speed or strength, nor, someone in great power
A hero is someone who stands up for the old; the small; the weak.
A hero is someone who defends those who can't defend themselves.
A hero is someone willing to serve their country so that their friends, family, & neighbors can be free.
A hero serves willingly, without thought or regret.
A hero is our Sons; Our Daughters; Our Fathers; Our Mothers
A hero is our Husbands; Our Wives; Our Brothers; Our Sisters

Our Hero's are our Soldiers

It is with great Honor and Gratitute that we at Good Times Pinochle recognize those that served their countries.


Whatever their uniform, we think of them all. Those brave men and women, so proud and so tall.
As we were once in their ranks, be it air, land or sea. We know of the sacrifice to keep us all free.

Of those that never served, many donít know. That the troops are our friends; that they're no real foe.
They fight for our freedom, our hopes and our dreams. So stand and applaud, when you see one dressed in greens.

Stand as a nation, showing theyíre not alone. That we are all waiting, for their safe return home.
As veterans we know, the commitment thatís made in keeping our shores safe, that none can invade.

This tribute to our forces, is because we all care for all our brave troops, for all those who dare.
Next time you see one, please take a stand. Show them they're special, by shaking their hand.

Tribute to the Uniformed Men and Women of the World
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I Fought For You
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