It is with great pleasure that we welcome our new members to Fire n' Ice! We have had a fun week of meeting, playing and getting to know all of you. We look forward to getting to know the ones we have not yet met.

We have put together a little guide to help you find your way around our main

Click on the icons below

Please bookmark the pages
or save it to your favorites so you find them easily

Bookmark or save our calendar to your favorites.

Trillian is the messenger we use now to send links to our tours
When you click on this icon it will take you to the correct page.
Download the one that does NOT cost any money and follow the prompts. If you have any questions pls ask one of the admin or a host. Come to our lobby in Blue Backs and let us know you are ready to add contacts and we will tell you our user names. To get started you can add me *rapster50 and geena971*

The Fire n Ice main
When you log-in to our main you will be able to leave messages on our chat, which you will find on the top right side.
and below the chat box is our staff list
Further down - on the bottom right side you will find ALL our links. Please take time to click on each of the links!

Now go back to the top of the main and look at the top left side....You will notice there is a slide bar along the right side of that section. Pull it down to find all the hidden gems :)
Have fun exploring!