CUSTOMISE PAGE LAYOUT Top Image : Background Image : Background Color: Click Transparent Link Color: #05caf4 Text Color: #f8fbf8 Header Background Color: #05caf4 Header Text Color: #f8fbf8 Small Header Color: #05caf4 Title Color: #f8fbf8 IN THE BOX GOES THE FOLLOWING CODE <font size="3" color="#58FAF4"> THIS IS HOW WEAKEST LINK WORKS <br><br> AT LEAST 9 PLAYERS MUST BE REGISTERED FOR THIS TOURNEY<BR><BR> This tourney will be TRUE SWISS and will be played until only 1 player is left !<BR><BR> THE WINNER.<BR><BR> All rounds will be to 2500 POINT GAMES ONLY<BR><BR> The number of WEAKEST LINKS that will be dropped each round will be determined when the tourney<br> is closed and before the pairings for the first round are posted.<BR><BR> The WEAKEST LINK or LINKS are those players who lose each round by the greatest number of points.<BR><BR> PLEASE STAY SEATED AT TABLES UNTIL THE HOST SAYS THEY HAVE YOUR SCORES<BR><BR> The host will say in the lobby JANE DOE YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK GOODBYE.<BR><BR> All WEAKEST LINKS will then be removed from the SWISS tourney.<BR><BR> SPECIAL RULE: YOU MUST PLAY ALL ROUNDS OF THIS SWISS TOURNEY UNTIL YOU WIN OR UNTIL YOU ARE NAMED THE WEAKEST LINK!!!!<br><br><br> THIS WEEKS GAME IS<BR> YOUR GAME OF CHOICE HERE