<center><font size="5" color="#FF00FF"> GAME RULES HERE <font size="4" color="#FF00FF"> IF ANY LEAGUE MEMBER BREAKS THESE RULES YOU WILL BE<br> AUTOMATICALLY BOXED AS ADMIN SEE FIT,<br> AND THESE RULES APPLY TO ALL INCLUDING ALL STAFF!!<br><br> Disrespect to staff and/or players is not tolerated.<br> Everyone comes in to play cards and relax, not listen to bickering and drama.<br><br> Please vary your table selection. Switch tables up and please do<br> not make a table and sit prior to the pairings<br> being posted in the lobby.<br><br> If you believe your opponent is cheating, then you should<br> contact the Admin staff NEVER NEVER bring it<br> to lobby THANKYOU.<br><br> We feel that if a person DQ's in any game no matter in which hand,<br> that game is to stop and winner proceeds to the next round THANKS <br><br> We also have a slow play rule which is 45 seconds to complete each turn..<br> Failure to play quickly will result in 2 warnings; 3rd time you will be DQ'D<br> HOWEVER ADMIN DO UNDERSTAND SHG ISSUES MAY RESULT IN SLOW PLAY<br> IF NEEDED PLEASE LET THE HOSTING TD KNOW YOU HAVE ISSUES PRIOR TO COMMENCING ANY GAME<br><br> WHEN JUMPING OUR TOURNEYS HERE AT CANASTA ETERNAL PLEASE NOTE<br> IF YOU ARE NOT IN LOBBY OR ON SHG MESSENGER WHEN THE TOURNEY HAS<br> FILLED YOU WILL BE REMOVED AND TOURNEY CLOSED AS SOON AS IT REFILLS<br><br> UNLESS MEMBERS IN TOURNEYS REQUEST GAME RULES THEY WILL NOT BE POSTED AT THE TABLE<br> HOST'S WILL ONLY COME TO TABLE TO CHECK SETTINGS IF THERE IS AN ISSUE ON THE TABLE<br> PLEASE LET YOUR HOST KNOW VIA SHG MESSENGER<br> PLEASE ALSO POST WIN OR LOSS IN LOBBY FOR YOUR HOST TY<br> EAMPLE I WIN SOS VGG TY HELLO TD NASTA<br><br> DUB/SUB RULES - HERE AT CANASTA ETERNAL IF ANY PLAYER IN A DOUBLES TOURNEY<br> GOES MIA FROM LOBBY AFTER 5 MINUTES A SUB WILL BE ASKED FOR IF NO SUB IS AVAILABLE<br> THEN THE TEAM WILL BE TIMED OUT IN 10 MINUTES<br> PLEASE NOTE IF BOTH ORIGINAL PLAYERS GO MIA THEN THE TEAM IS TIMED OUT NO SUBS WILL BE USED ALSO PLEASE LET YOUR HOST KNOW IN SHG MESSENGER IF YOUR OPPONENT HAS GONE MIA<br><br> OUR SINGLES GAME TIMES ARE 40 MINUTES<br> BLITZ GAMES ARE 30 MINUTES <br> DOUBLES ARE 50 MINUTES<br> QUICKIE GAMES (2500 POINT GAMES) 20 MINUTES<br><br> </font></center>