CUSTOMISE LAYOUT ON TOURNEY Top Image Link: Background Image Link: Background Color Click Transparent Link Color #F5DA81 Text Color #FFFFFF Header Background Color #F5DA81 Header Text Color #000000 Small Header Color #F5DA81 Title Color #FFFFFF <center><font size="4" color="#F5DA81"> THIS TOURNAMENT IS ONE OF OUR WEEKLY SPECIALS<BR> AT 8 PM EVERY SATURDAY YOU WILL HAVE THE CHANCE TO WIN<BR> HIGH LADDERBUX THIS TOURNEY IS AN ALL IN EVENT<BR> ENTRY FEE'S WILL BE 500 LADDER BUX IF U NEED BUX ASK A FAIRY<BR> THIS WEEKS GAME IS YOUR GAME HERE GOOD LUCK ALL!! <center><font size="3" color="#F5DA81"> YOUR GAME RULES HERE <br><br><br></center>