<center><font size="4" color="#000000"> THIS CODE MEANS YOUR TEXT WILL BE BLACK see changing font colors on the TD PAGE 3 VS 3 <br> Tables set for 1 2 player game and one 4 player game<br> Just like a 2x2 tourney, but each team has 3 players<br> The total scores from all the games are added together to determine a winner for the round.<br> ONE GAME IS A DOUBLES AND THE OTHER IS A SINGLES.<br> PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANY GAME TABLES UNTIL HOSTING TD<BR> TELLS YOU THEY HAVE YOUR SCORES<BR> EACH TEAM IS ENCOURAGED TO KEEP SCORES AS WELL.<BR> THERE ARE NO SUBS IN THIS GAME. <BR> MIA WILL BE STARTED AND ENTIRE TEAM TIMED OUT AFTER 10 MINUTES<BR> Game is TD's Choice<BR> You have 40 MINUTES to play SINGLES You Have 50 MINUTES to play DOUBLES <BR> GAME RULES HERE</center>