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Yahoo! Games - Pool

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  8 Ball Nightmare
  Achilles Last Stand
  Afraid to Lose
  Alive And Kicking
  All Right Now
  Amsterdam Travellers
  And Far Away
  Back Somersault
  Backstreet Billiards
  Bad Times
  Bank Shot
  Battle Of Evermore
  Behind The 8 Ball
  Bent Cue
  Best Friends
  Break It Up
  Bring It On Home
  Burning For You
  By Myself
  Candy Store Rock
  Celebration Day
  Center Spot
  Comm. Breakdown
  Custard Pie
  Dancing Days
  Dazed And Confused
  Down By The Seaside
  Dust In The Wind
  East Side Cafe
  End Of The Line
  Far Behind
  Fast Eddie's
  Fire And Rain
  Fool In The Rain
  Foot Spot
  For You
  For Your Life
  Front Rail
  Gallows Pole
  Giving In
  Going To California
  Good Times
  Handle With Care
  Hats Off
  Head Rail
  High Rollers
  Hot Dog
  I Want It All
  In The End
  In The Evening
  In The Light
  Jump Shot
  Last Nite
  Low Rollers
  Minnesota Fats
  Misty Mountain Hop
  Moby Dick
  Night Flight
  No Smoking
  No Quarter
  Noble Game
  Once Upon A Time
  Over The Hills
  Paint It Black
  Pool Hustlers
  Pool Party
  Prove Yourself
  Rack 'em
  Rack It Up
  Ramble On
  Rat Race
  Red Right Hand
  Room At The Top
  Royal Orleans
  Rock And Roll
  Safety Dance
  Scratch That
  Sick Again
  Side Pocket
  Side Rail
  Social Lounge
  Social Lounge 2
  Social Lounge 3
  Social Lounge 4
  Social Lounge 5
  Social Lounge 6
  Social Lounge 7
  Social Lounge 8
  Social Lounge 9
  Social Lounge 10
  Stairway To Heaven
  Sweet Dreams
  Sweet Jane
  Tea For One
  Ten Years Gone
  That's The Way
  The Buffalo Room
  The Deep End
  The Ocean
  The Rover
  The Wonton Song
  There She Goes
  Thorn In My Side
  Too Bad
  Trampled Underfoot
  Trick Shot
  Ventura Highway
  Vicki's Secret
  Walk Away
  Wasting My Time
  Wet Bar
  When The Levee...
  Whole Lotta Love
  Wild Eyes
  Wild Horses
  Wild Side
  Wild Thing

  A Face In The Crowd
  All Mixed Up
  All My Love
  Baby Come On Home
  Back Spin
  Bad Apples
  Beer Lovers
  Beetle Spot
  Beginner Lounge
  Bonzo's Montreux
  Brothers In Arms
  California Saloon
  Calling Elvis
  Crazy Eights
  Don't Cry
  Europe Tour
  Freshly Squeezed
  Garden of Eden
  Get in the Ring
  Heavy Fuel
  Hey Hey What Can I Do
  I Can't Quit You Baby
  I'm Gonna Crawl
  Kiss The Rain
  Live And Let Die
  Money For Nothing
  Nick's Pool Parlor
  Obscured By Clouds
  Outlaw's Revenge
  Ozone Baby
  Player's Choice
  Poor Boy Blues
  Poor Tom
  Pretty Tied Up
  Rebel's Loft
  Romeo And Juliet
  So Far Away
  So Fine
  Something In The Air
  Straight Into Darkness
  Sweet Melissa
  The Nightingale
  Travelling Riverside...
  Walk Of Life
  Wearing And Tearing
  Anything Goes
  Back to School
  Bohemian Rhapsody
  Crossed Cues
  Forward Somersault
  Intermediate Lounge
  Intermediate Lounge 2
  Intermediate Lounge 3
  It's So Easy
  Lady Writer
  Mama Kin
  Mosquito Pool
  My Michelle
  My World
  One In A Million
  Paradise City
  Pool Sharks
  Reckless Life
  Rocket Queen
  Stripe and Solid
  Sultans of Swing
  The Color of Money
  Used To Love Her
  Welcome to the Jungle
  You Could Be Mine
  You're Crazy
  Advanced Lounge
  Advanced Lounge 2
  Advanced Lounge 3
  Bicycle Race
  Champions Zone
  Don't Stop Me Now
  I Need To Know
  Pinball Wizard
  Play The Game
  Save Me
  Somebody To Love
  Stephen's Dining Room
  Texas Farm
  The Show Must Go On
  Under Pressure
  We Are The Champions
  We Will Rock You
  Wombat Wagon
  You Got Lucky
  Zebra Cove
International Game Rooms
  UK & Ireland
  Asia Pacific
  Hong Kong
  Australia & NZ
  Aussie Ringers
  Champions Pool
  Outback Legends
  Pub Rules 4
  Shootin' Stick