The following is the list of current members and their birthdays. The list is in order by the birthdates and not alphabetically. The member's name (if known or provided) is included. If any information is changed it will be updated as soon as possible if known. If you notice an error in this list please contact MERRIE aka krazyscorpion1 as soon as possible. You can also add your information to this list by filling in the information at the bottom of the page.

Any questions please contact MERRIE aka krazyscorpion1

Last Updated : September 26th, 2021
Current ID Name Birthdate
Ducky35 Kelly January 4
Garyburkepile Gary January 5
Kimberly1965 Kimberly January 10
kingcampfire Jerry February 1
Good2go Shawnna February 7
bethe_1962 Bethe February 8
ROY February 11
Eliminator1957 John February 25
rob_zombie76 Tim March 14
Tresa903 Tresa March 29
didjabringabeer Shell April 4
BlueUnicorn1948 Nancy April 8
Dolphinluvr50 April 9
Rosema April 14
craftylady18067 Ruthann April 26
BREEEZY Patty April 29
cherhun49 Cher May 19
moulstock Cristy May 31
Legend John June 4
enchanted_bunny June 7
monigote Monica June 16
hotgamesptan887 Tanya June 18
wendyfollick Wendy July 16
Luv2knit Barb July 17
taintedlove257 July 25
Magpiesforever Nicole July 28
Underwood Joyce August 3
Sweeyangel August 6
Wolfbythesea August 18
xobeckyboopxo Becky August 26
Bucka Pat August 27
Mizmopar Carol August 30
Pit_Master August 30
Butterscotch Daniel September 4
Melinda September 17
Tinababe352011 /td> September 20
MegaThunderWolf Scott October 8
Sheb100956 October 9
PROUD_GRANNY14 Mary October 10
Jokerswild48888 Linda October 13
IndianLaDy1 Barbara October 17
Someone_else_au June October 17
Brat_boys_mom Rhema October 23
Sunnything99 Lisa October 29
kilita Cristina November 6
snakeswife13 Louise November 7
Krazyscorpion1 Merrie November 8
MARGIE_HENHOUSE Margie November 11
kalsobro Karen November 26
Gentlebaby54 Rose December 4
kilita Cristina December 6
The_Reaper Jessie December 13
Emerealdmanor Bobbie December 14
Let__It__Snow Jackie December 16
Crazylady_here2 December 19
Myeartishis57 Kathy December 19
Star_is_me December 30
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