The Host or TD will announce in the lobby the type of game that will be played for a particular tournament and the rules for that tournament. Always pay attention when the rules are given in the lobby. Below are some of the games and basic rules for each. The standard table settings and rules are also given below. Please take the time to read them and familiarize yourself with these settings.

In addition to the Basic settings – the settings below will be used for particular games – the host will tell you what the game is and what the settings are when they give you the Rules.

No Knock Settings (Regular Gin):
Check “Do Not Allow Knocking”

Uncheck “Do Not Allow Knocking”

Check “Oklahoma”

300 and 500 Games:
Check “Multi-Game”
Check either 300 or 500 from drop down list


Single Elimination
You play until you lose a match - once you lose a match you are eliminated from the tournament.

Double Elimination
In this type of tournament you play until you have lost 2 matches - you will be eliminated after your second loss.

Swiss or True Swiss
In this type of tournament you are NOT eliminated - you will play EVERY round and will receive ladderbux based on your number of wins. Regular SWISS - you play until there is a clear winner. In TRUE SWISS - there is a predetermined number of rounds - and there may be a tie for the win.

In TEAM tournaments - you play with a partner(s) and you play 2/3 matches against another team. One team member will play the first game - then the second member of the team will play the second game - if a third match is needed then either team member may play that game. This is a single elimination tournament.

Below are a sample of some of the games that may be played as tournaments!

Gin ONLY or No Knock
You must have gin in order to knock. You many not have any deadwood in your hand. (Gin ONLY hand would be: 2d,3d,4d, K,K,K, 8s,9s,Js,Qs) If you were to knock and have deadwood, you would be disqualified in this tourney. The rules given by the host will tell you what to set for.

Knocking Allowed
You may knock if you have deadwood that is less than 10. You may have melds or three or four of a kind to declare the game, and the extra cards that are left over must equal 10 or less in point value.

Oklahoma Gin
Played like Knock except that the knock point limit is set by the value of the first upcard in the discard pile. If the upcard is a spade, the points will double for that particular hand.

Best Two out of Three Gin
In this tourney (may be Knock or No Knock or Oklahoma), you will play until one person wins 2 out of 3 Gin games.

First Blood
This is a Gin (No Knock) game. In this tourney, the first person to declare GIN, wins and advances to next round. This may sometimes be First Blood - 2/3 - in which the player who declares Gins twice is the winner and advances.

Red and Black
If the upcard is RED that particular hand is a Gin ONLY or no knock hand. If the upcard is BLACK that particular hand is a Knocking Allowed hand. It is always best to type in the chat box in your room what the upcard was so there is no disputes later on.

Hafta Touch
The name of this game is HAFTA TOUCH You MUST pick up the first up card and use it in the hand. It CAN be used as deadwood. In other words the first person CAN'T "Pass" He MUST pick up first card and use it. The other player MUST pick up the discard and use it. This is for the first hand of each round. You may NOT discard the FIRST up card through out that reticular hand. AS STATED ABOVE IT CAN BE USED AS DEADWOOD, BUT HAS TO REMAIN IN HAND. In the chat box in your room, write what your "hafta" card is for that round.

No Touch
In this tourney, you may never touch the upcard. If you do you are disqualified.

Hot Potato
Set to 100 KNOCK. In this tourney, the TD will announce a card at random to be the “Hot Potato”. If you draw this card, you may NOT discard it. It must be used in either your runs or sets or as deadwood. It must show when you knock or declare Gin. If you discard it at any time, you are disqualified. You MUST USE THE HOT POTATO card - it may be used as deadwood and can not be discarded to Knock or Gin. If the “Hot Potato” is the upcard on the first round, you do not have to take it.

Walking Gin
In this tourney, all hands must have SETS (example: 999 or KKK). There can be no runs (example: 234 or 10JQK). If you gin or knock with a run in your hand you are disqualified.

In this tourney, all hands must have RUNS (example: 678 or 10JQK). There can be no sets (example: 2222 or JJJ). If you gin or knock with a set in your hand you are disqualified.

Jacks or Better
In this tourney, you must have sets of JJJ, QQQ or KKK in order to gin or knock. If you do not have a set of these in your hand, you will be disqualified. For example: JJJ 123 4567 would be acceptable, JQK 123 4567 would not. All other tourney rules apply.

100 Roulette
This is a Knock game, but if your score totals 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, or 99 - you automatically win. This can vary - where only odd or even scores would be the winner.

7-Up or Pop
This game is a 100 Oklahoma game - the but ONLY cards you are allowed to keep are the 7 and higher (Up) cards. No cards lower than 7 are allowed - so if the maximum knock is 6 or below you have to Gin and cannot knock.

100 Knock - No Draw
100 Knock game - but you are not allowed to draw a card from the discard pile.

Set game as 100 Knock - but to Knock or Gin your discard MUST be a Club. If you discard a card from any other suit - you lose.

Diamond Dazzle
Set table to 100 Gin (No Knock) - you may use runs and sets - but runs must consist of DIAMONDS ONLY and sets must contain a DIAMOND (so if you have a set of QQQ - 1 MUST be a diamond).

Double Decker Gin
If the host calls TOMATO SANDWICH - you must have LOWER END SETS and HIGHER END SET and a RUN that fits in between. (Example: 333 - 567 clubs - QQQ).

If host calls a PICKLE SANDWICH - you must have a LOWER END RUN and HIGHER END RUN and a SET that fits in between. (Example: 10JQ clubs - KKK - 2345 diamonds). In either game, the RUN may not contain the suit used in the sets, however if Pogo arranges your hand incorrectly, then it will be considered legal as long as the proper arrangement could be made with those cards - call the host to verify.

Evil 6's
This is a 100 Knock game - but if at any time during game play your score ENDS in 6 (16, 26, 36, 46, 56, 66, 76, 8, 96) you LOSE.

This is a 100 Gin game (No Knock). The person who sets the table has to have STRAIGHTS in a RED suit (hearts or diamonds) and their opponent has to have STRAIGHTS in a BLACK suit (clubs or spades).

This is a 100 Gin game (No Knock). You must have 1 RED RUN (2345) and 1 BLACK RUN (789) and 1 SET (QQQ) when you GIN.
Heart Throb
This is a 100 Gin game (No Knock). You must discard a HEART when you gin or you lose.

Fire and Ice
This is a 100 Gin game (No Knock). You must have 1 RUN with ALL RED cards and 1 RUN with all BLACK cards before you Gin or you lose. NO SETS - all RUNS or you lose.

Odds vs Evens
This is a 100 Gin game (No Knock). SETS ONLY! Whoever sets the table MUST have all SETS with EVEN numbered cards (2222, 444 are even cards). The opponent must have all ODD numbered cards (111, 3333 are odd cards). No face suits are allowed (Jacks, Qeens, Kings).

Crazy 8's
If your regular GAME score (BEFORE Bonus points are added in) ends with an "8" you win. (Example: 18, 28, 38, 48, 58, 68, 78, 88, 98.)

Take It On The Run
This is a 100 Knock game.
You must have a BLACK RUN, RED SET, and another BLACK RUN when you knock or gin or you lose.

Strip Gin
100 No Knock game. The host will call a "forbidden suit". At no time can you have the "forbidden suit" in your hand when you gin or you lose.

Dueces Wild
This is an Oklahoma game (100 or 300). If your score ends in any 2 (after 52) during play (52, 62, 72, 82, 92, etc.) during play you win.

Okie Evil 6's
This is an Oklahoma game (100 or 300). If score ends in a 6 (after 56) during play (56, 66, 76, 86, 96, etc.) you lose.

Black Jack
This is a No Knock game (Gin) (100 or 300). You MUST discard a BLACK JACK to win. If you do not discard a BLACK JACK you are disqualified.

Get Loose
This can be played as an Oklahoma, Knock or No Knock game. If you and your opponent have a TIE SCORE, the first player to break the tie wins! Inform the host that you have a tie score and will be playing a tie breaker so that they may verify the tie and win!

Jokers Wild
This is a No Knock game (Gin) (100 or 300). If you Gin with all 4 JACKS in your hand you win. If no one has all 4 JACKS then first to Gin wins that match.