GTW League was created for the purpose of "friendly and fun competition." It has always been GTW's policy that LADDER MATCHES are for "FUN."

Tournaments are for the purpose of advancing in rank in the League and should be fun, honest competition. The TOP 10 positons (#1 - #10) are not meant to be "hogged". Every player should have an honest opportunity to try to achieve a TOP 10 position and should be able to advance through tournament play. Any player(s) suspected of attempting to "manipulate" games to achieve or hold a TOP 10 position, will be warned and/or asked to leave the league. The TOP RANK weekly tournament was created to give EVERY player an equal opportunity to be #1. REMEMBER #1 is only a number and not worth the loss of friends and good will!

GIN TO WIN RULES embrace the basics of, but supercede Case/MyLeague rules.

Gin to Win is a NON-LADDERING LEAGUE. No ladder matches are allowed.

Effective 6/2/07

The above rules are subject to change and update. This page will reflect any changes as soon as they are made.


The rules are determined by the individual TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR (TD) holding the event. Rules should be posted on all tournament pages, along with the appropriate table settings - so please be sure to check the tourney page if you need help on the rules or settings. Rules will be given prior to pairings of players. Please pay attention to the TD in the lobby at the beginning of all tours.

ALL players must use their proper POGO names to play in tournaments or to ladder. If you have registered to play in a tournament event then you MUST be in the same POGO name that you used to join GIN TO WIN.